The Chant Safety Culture

Due to the variety of work the Chant Limited performs, our clients – regardless of the project or work scope – have extremely high expectations of the Company’s health and safety standards. To that end, the following will serve as a guide. Chant has an obligation to:

1. Meet with our client in order to clearly understand what their safety program requirements consist of and where, specifically, our team(s) may oversee or manage various safety elements on a project or assignment.
2. Develop a Project Safety Plan that incorporates safety legislation, reporting and responsibility requirements for each specific project, and/or make specific reference to safety guidelines in the Project or Service Plan – whichever is appropriate based on the Scope of Work.
3. Demonstrate to our clients where their safety programs can be enhanced and improved to meet our high safety standards, where and when deficiencies are identified.

4. Conduct, under the leadership of a company designated knowledgeable and experienced construction professional (referred to herein as a “certifier” or “certifying authority”) a risk/hazard assessment for Chant staff, regardless of where they are working or what the assignment type, and
5. Honour our internal safety management and reporting systems.
6. Continuously improve and enhance our safety performance through the setting and regular review of annual objectives, goals, safety initiatives and safety management plans.
Our ultimate objective is to lead clients, third party service providers, partners and our employees towards unfettered adoption of Chant’s safety philosophy.

Our team of managers, supervisors, subcontractors, other service providers, partners and employees will be oriented in their duties and obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety (“OH&S”) Act, or to the safety legislation that exists in their area of work, and we will ensure compliance with all aspects of the relevant legislation. Legislation that requires increased responsibility or specific practices will supersede the guidelines found in this Safety Plan.

Safety training and communication is the cornerstone of our Safety Plan. It occurs in a variety of forms on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual frequency. All delivery stakeholders will dedicate the time to attend and participate in formal safety-focused orientations, meetings and discussions and will be required to attend less formal “toolbox/tailboard sessions”.

The Company is committed to ensuring that no accident or loss occurs as a result of inadequate training or knowledge. Supervisors and Managers will champion the safety effort, providing leadership, knowledge and guidance to all delivery stakeholders. These individuals will ensure compliance with this manual is realized, lead by example, plan monthly safety-dedicated meetings and proactively address safety and loss management issues when and as they arise.

Safety is a line responsibility. Managers and supervisors will be held accountable and responsible for the safe and loss-free performance of work by their subordinates. To place emphasis on the importance of an incident free safety record, the Company will continue our tradition of, when suitable, establishing internal safety awareness programs at both the corporate and project level.

Chant will measure performance against our zero incident targets through a comprehensive information collection and reporting system which will be installed at each project. Outputs from this system will be used to direct management decision making, operational action, implementation of disciplinary procedures or initiation of loss management program updates and revisions. All accidents and incidents will be investigated to determine their cause or causes so appropriate action can be taken to prevent re-occurrences.

Our goal is zero incidents on all work we are involved in. Our Safety Plan is a road map to this goal. Like any journey, successfully reaching the desired destination largely depends not only on having a charted course, but also on the dedication and ability of those taking the journey to stay the course.