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This project is being developed by BC Hydro alont he Peace River in north eastern BC. The 1,100 MW facility includes a spillway (with low level outlet capacity), spillway chute and stilling basin, intake structure, penstocks and powerhouse.

Our work

Chant had several independent opportunities to be involved in the development and execution of this project:

  • Refreshed BC Hydro’s construction cost estimate in the early 2000s (including converting the historic cost estimate to Heavy Bid – HCSS software).
  • Replacing BC Hydro’s construction cost estimate with an independently assembled Level 3 cost assessment in the mid-2000s. This scope of work also included providing detailed cost estimates for work that had been “plugged” by BC Hydro in previous cost determination efforts.  For example:
      • Chant developed concept solutions and provided cost estimates for the diversion inlet and outlet portals and the diversion tunnel itself.
      • We also provided detailed cost estimates for the drainage tunnel system contemplated (but not clearly defined) underneath the facility, and
      • The decommissioning of exploration adits, wells and boreholes.

When the project went to tender, Chant teamed with Bechtel Canada to provide an independent second cost comparison estimate for the main powerhouse and spillway civil works contract (concreting of the principal structures, powerhouse superstructure and penstock installation).


  • Chant’s constructability review, risk assessment and cost analysis input assisted BC Hydro in making a recommendation to proceed with the project. 
  • Our work on the diversion strategy and associated risks removed a significant unknown from the risk register for the project.  Chant adopted a roto-header means and methods for the tunnel mining.  Inlet and outlet portal civil and hydromechanical design was conceptualized from our experience on like work from James Bay.