Essex Dam

Crest modification and inflatable flashboard

The crest modification project involved the construction of three separate cofferdams, the placement of reinforced concrete on the existing deck, the installation of an Obermeyer Inflatable Flashboard and the erection of a compressor building in Lawrence, Massachussetts.

Our work

Chant’s scope of work included monitoring of the general contractor, contract drillers and contract divers’ safety and environmental performance during construction.


  • Chant was responsible for quality assurance, production tracking, development of the site safety and environmental control plan and project hazard analyses
  • The project involved the construction of multi-staged cofferdams, the installation of a 900’ Obermeyer Inflatable Flashboard on the new deck, along with the construction of a 16’ x 24’ compressor building within time and budget in an area subject to variable high flow conditions