dorena lake

Hydroelectric project

The project involved the construction of a gated steel penstock from Dorena Lake through an existing USACE concrete dam, a valve and syphon house, a new powerhouse, installation of 1.2 MW horizontal Francis and 3.5 MW vertical Kaplan turbine/generators, concrete lined tailrace canal and 15 kV transmission line.

Our work

Chant was introduced to the project late in the construction period.  Several critical interim completion dates were in jeopardy, there were unresolved design issues and contractor performance shortfalls. Our scope of work included :

  • Overall construction management.
  • Facilitating the project team (designers, contractors, subcontractors and vendors) to meet a series of milestones for deliverables.
  • Schedule, change management, commissioning planning.
  • Third-party services coordination/communications, and
  • Reporting directly to the investors group.


  • Chant completely restructured the Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) that were being used for the project to reflect context and reality.
  • Chant developed and implemented a change tracking system specifically for the project such that the actual costs of alleged or real changes were tracked and used to validate estimated change costs being submitted by contractors and vendors.