Strathcona Dam Seismic and Seepage Upgrade Project

The proposed seismic upgrade involved drilling down through the narrow walls of the existing Intake Tower 300 mm diameter holes and installing 21 each 53 metre long passive anchors into bedrock. The installation work was complicated by the fact that the top of the tower was extremely congested with the gate hoist superstructure and so as to maintain minimum river flows and meet dam safety requirements during construction, the intake, including the gate hoists, had to remain operational at all times, as did the dam crest roadway.

Scope of Work:

  • Performed a review of the preliminary design reports. The intent of this literature overview was to become familiar with the nature of the Project in general, and the Intake Tower Anchoring scope in particular
  • Accompanying BC Hydro personnel on a site visit and preparing a succinct site visit report
  • Preparing a constructability review for installation of the Intake Tower Anchors
  • Preparing a construction plan/execution sequencing plan and assembly of a detailed Project Schedule
  • Chant selected equipment, established expected production rates, drill bit life, staffing levels and developed detailed three dimensional plans for drill movements on the congestion tower platform.

LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT /  STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2009 PROJECT VALUE / $41.6 Million

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