Site C Estimating Services

Site C is a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia. Site C would be the third hydroelectric facility on the Peace River allowing for the stored water at the Williston Reservoir to be used during generation, increasing system performance and efficiency. Originally proposed in the 1950’s with the initial design and cost estimate being completed in the 1980’s the Project was shelved as other, more cost effective opportunities of meeting B.C.’s electricity demands were identified. As electricity demand has increased, Site C has once again surfaced as a project  worth developing. Construction is now ongoing.

Scope of Estimate:
  • Potential 900MW hydroelectric site located on Peace River in northern British Columbia
  • Project consists of a large earth fill dam, two diversion tunnels, significant river management during construction and various large concrete structures (700,000m3 of concrete)
  • Our work consisted of updating existing direct and indirect construction cost estimates for the planned concrete dam, earth fill dam spillway, powerhouse, diversion tunnel and inlet/outlet structures and a system of drainage tunnels
  • Deliverables included detailed means and methods as well as constructability reviews
  • The updated estimates included current labour, material and equipment rates as well as contractor overhead costs. They also reflected any relative productivity changes, market effects and labour adjustments since the original budget was assembled

LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / BC Hydro STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2009 PROJECT VALUE / $5 Billion

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