John Hart  Replacement Estimate

John Hart Dam is located on Vancouver Island in southwestern British Columbia near the Community of Campbell River. The original John Hart development began in 1945 with construction of the dams, intake, penstocks, and generating station. The sixth and final unit was completed in 1953. The existing station had no facilities for timely bypass, the materials used during initial construction did not have the capability to withstand updated seismic activity expectations and the ageing generators were in poor condition.

Scope of Work:
  • Document the design information for the Powerhouse Replacement
  • Constructability Review of:
    • Decommissioning/demolition works as well as disposal
    • Supply and Install of new steel penstocks including site preparation
    • Tunnel excavation, consolidation and concrete works
    • Powerhouse construction and installation
    • Superstructure construction and installation
    • Water-to-wire supply, install and commissioning planning

LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / BC Hydro STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2010 PROJECT VALUE / $624 Million

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