Dorena Lake Dam Hydroelectric Project

This project involved the construction of a new powerhouse near an existing USACE dam’s spillway basin, a 120” steel penstock bored from Dorena Lake through the north dam, siphon arrangement so the facility can operate under very low reservoir conditions, a concrete-lined channel to discharge flows into the river below the spillway basin, aeration systems to improve water quality, a valve house and a 15 kV transmission line and the installation of both a 1.2 MW horizontal Francis turbine/generator and a 4.3 MW vertical Kaplan turbine/generator.

The existing dam is primarily a flood control facility and consequently had a very strict and seasonal operating regime. Critical commissioning and performance testing activities of the units were required to match certain rising and falling reservoir elevations providing very narrow windows for these activities.

Scope of Work:
  • Comprehensive construction management Services for Aquila Infrastructure
  • USACE and other stakeholder management
  • Change order management
  • Commissioning planning and stakeholder management services
  • Operational safety and hazardous energy control planning
  • Additional work claim support/resolution service

LOCATION / OR, USA CLIENT / Aquila Group STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2014 PROJECT VALUE / $23 Million

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