Operations and Maintenance

We provide Operations and Maintenance Services or Post-construction Services where the service required by our customers is in-line with our considerable pool of expertise. 


    Construction ManagementProject Development

    Cottonwood Creek

    The Cottonwood Creek Aggregate Depot is located approximately 87km south of Fort McMurray, AB. The primary objectives at the depot include development, maintenance, operation and reclamation of all leased grounds.

    On behalf of Chafam Aggregates Inc., Chant provides management, engineering, and supervision services as well as the supply of all labour, equipment and materials for site activities. Chant is also required to maintain an 11km all-weather access road in/out of the depot from Hwy 881.


    Services include:

    • Monthly Operations Report
    • Daily Operations Report
    • Site Surveys
    • Agency Filings
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Depot Operations
    • Subcontract Development
    • Subcontractor Management
    • Financial Reporting
    • Acceptance of Daily Variable Costs and Production/Cost Analysis


    LOCATION / AB, Canada CLIENT / Chafam Aggregates Inc. STATUS / Ongoing







    Generating Station

    Chant provides hydroelectric generating station operations, maintenance and monitoring services to Kagiano Power and is responsible for the ongoing management of the Twin Falls Hydroelectric Generating Station, located near Manitouwadge, Ontario. Our involvement at Twin Falls has resulted in higher production at the dam during peak times resulting in higher profits as well as better maintenance scheduling, resulting in less unplanned outages and lower overall costs.


    Services included:

    • 24–hour remote monitoring
    • Mobilization of emergency response
    • Development of operating plan and procedures
    • Maintenance planning and program management
    • Execution and management of day-to-day and major maintenance projects


    LOCATION / ON, Canada CLIENT / Kagiano Power STATUS / Ongoing







    Generating Station

    In 2013, through a publicly advertised and competitive process, Chant was selected by Manitoba Hydro to prepare an independent AACE Class 2 contractor style capital cost estimate for Keeyask Project and provide feedback on proposed risk transfer, specific contract language and constructibility of the works

    Scope of Work:

    • Conducted a constructibility review on each major aspect to determine the most efficient means and methods of construction
    • Incorporated these construction methodologies into the direct cost estimate
    • Thoroughly developed project indirect costs and plant items to ensure all aspects of the construction process were included in the cost estimate
    • Completed a comprehensive risk analysis to support Manitoba Hydro’s overall project risk assessment


    LOCATION / Manitoba, Canada CLIENT / Manitoba Hydro STATUS / Complete YEAR / 2013 PROJECT VALUE / $1.4 Billion