Project Development

Chant’s Project Development Services include the full range of skills required to identify, evaluate, plan, design, permit, construct, commission, and operate renewable energy projects and sites. Our corporate focus on the development of hydroelectric power facilities is augmented by our involvement in wind power, other renewable energy sources and traditional non-nuclear generation. 


    Operations and MaintenanceConstruction Management


    The Project involved construction of a 300km 230kV transmission line from the Island Falls Generating Station to Key Lake in Northern Saskatchewan.

    Scope of Work:

    Assembling AACE Level 4 estimate in two formats 1) Design, Bid, Build (DBB)2) Engineer, Procure Construct (EPC) This included a breakdown of direct and indirect cost, means and methods, material procurement, logistics, constructability review and risk analysis.

    Independent assessment of project delivery DBB and EPC. This included an analysis of risks vs. benefits, cost, time and resources required by SaskPower to implement each model and a recommendation of which was the most appropriate model for the Project.

    LOCATION / SK, CA CLIENT / SaskPower STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2011 PROJECT VALUE / $150 Million 


    Replacement Estimate

    John Hart Dam is located on Vancouver Island in southwestern British Columbia near the Community of Campbell River. The original John Hart development started in 1945 with construction of the dams, intake, penstocks, and generating station. The sixth and final unit was completed in 1953. The existing station had no facilities for timely bypass, the materials used during initial construction did not have the capability to withstand seismic activity and the ageing generators were in poor health.


    Scope of Work:

    • Document the design information for the Powerhouse Replacement
    • Constructability Review of:
    • Decommissioning/demolition works as well as disposal
    • Supply and Install of new steel penstocks including site preparation
    • Tunnel excavation, consolidation and concrete works
    • Powerhouse construction and installation
    • Superstructure construction and installation
    • Water-to-wire supply, install and commissioning
      LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / BC Hydro STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2010 PROJECT VALUE / $624 Million






      Site C

      Estimating Services

      Site C was a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia. Site C would be the third hydroelectric facility on the Peace River allowing for the stored water at the Williston Reservoir to be used during generation, increasing performance efficiency. Originally proposed in the 1950’s with the initial design and cost estimate being completed in the 1980’s the Project was subsequently shelved as other, more cost effective opportunities of meeting electricity demands were identified. As electricity demand increased, Site C once again surfaced as a project potentially worth developing


      Scope of Estimate:

      • Potential 900MW hydroelectric site located on Peace River in northern British Columbia
      • Project consists of 1,100m earth fill dam, two diversion tunnels and various concrete structures
      • Our work consisted of updating existing direct and indirect construction cost estimates which included a concrete dam, an earth fill dam, a powerhouse, a diversion tunnel and structures, and a power tunnel
      • Deliverables included detailed means and methods as well as constructability reviews
      • The updated estimates included current labour, material and equipment rates as well as contractor overhead costs. They also reflected any relative productivity changes, market effects and labour adjustments
      LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / BC Hydro STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2009 PROJECT VALUE / $5 Billion