Construction Management

    Chant specializes in providing Project Management, Construction Management and Project Development services to the Energy Generation, Distribution and Transmission sectors.


    The trust that dominates our business approach has allowed us to develop unique and rewarding relationships with our partners. Our ability to plan projects and overcome any obstacles in our path is just one underlying factor in our success. Creating win-win situations for our customers, our partners and ourselves is critical to our business relationships.



    Project DevelopmentOperations and Maintenance


    Talbot Dams Rehabilitation – Kirkfield Bundle by EllisDon and Chant JV (EDCJV)

    The Project involves the rehabilitation and replacement of several heritage features located along the banks of the Talbot River. The Talbot flows from Mitchell Lake to Lake Simcoe. 

    EDCJV has been contracted by PWGSC to act as Construction Manager, to provide Advisory Services and to enter into direct contracts with Subcontractor(s) for the execution of the works.

    The Kirkfield Bundle includes the sites listed below:

    • Site A: Dam at lock 38 – Talbot
    • Site B: Dam at lock 39 – Portage (Talbot Dam)
    • Site C: Talbot Earth Dams 
    • Site D: Concrete Repair Work at Locks 39, 40, and 41
    LOCATION / ON, CA CLIENT / Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) STATUS / Ongoing YEAR / 2016 







    Hydroelectric Project

    Located on Howe Sound about 45 km north of Vancouver, British Columbia. This run-of-river project, only accessible by water, includes three high elevation water intake diversions and a number of small tributaries and over 9 km of HDPE and steel penstock. The new powerhouse was constructed with a single Pelton impulse style turbine/generator with a rated capacity of 15 MW. The project was being delivered under an Alliance contracting model and the total value of the installed works was approximately $65 million.

    Prior to the start of construction in May, 2014, the Project went through a multi-year front end design and development (FEED) phase which Chant was also involved with throughout. Chant’s FEED scope of work included constructibility review of preliminary design concepts, merging of cost and scheduling expertise to provide delivery solution scenarios, permitting support, quantity control and the development of at first parametric and later detailed cost estimates as the Project developed over time.

      LOCATION / BC, CA CLIENT / Elemental Energy STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2016 PROJECT VALUE / $80 Million







      The Pawtucket Dam Crest Gate project consists of the replacement of a wooden flashboard system at the crest of an existing historic dam in Lowell Massachusetts. Chant Power Inc. is acting as the construction manager, Enel Green Power North America are the owners and Obermeyer is the crest gate design and supply vendor.

      The wooden flashboards are being replaced by an Obermeyer mechanical crest gate system with pneumatic air bladders to variably control the water level upstream of the dam as well as the demolition of an existing fish count building and construction of a new compressor building and concrete walkway above the spillway gates.

      Scope of Work:

      • Comprehensive construction management Services for Enel Green Power North America.
      • Safety and environmental compliance management
      • Monthly construction review reporting to FERC
      • Document management
      • Inspections
      LOCATION / MA, USA CLIENT / Enel Green Power North America STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2016 PROJECT VALUE / $10 Million






      Expansion Project

      The Brilliant Expansion project saw the construction of a second powerhouse at the Brilliant Dam, adding approximately 120 MW of hydroelectric capacity to the Lower Kootenay River system. The Brilliant Expansion Consortium, composed of Chant Construction, Skanska International Civil Works and SNC-Lavalin, constructed this design-build project.

      The project included the design and construction of a new water intake, power tunnel, powerhouse, access tunnel and tailrace channel adjacent to the eastern end of the operating Brilliant Dam.

      Scope of Work:·

      • Commissioning planning and stakeholder management services.
      • Operational safety and hazardous energy control planning.
      • Additional work claim support/resolution services.

      LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / Brilliant Expansion Power Corporation STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2006 PROJECT VALUE / $150 Million


      Substation – Phase III

      Along with its subcontractors, Chant Group was responsible for the Nobel Substation civil construction and electrical installation, including assisting ABB with the commissioning of its supplied electrical components and control building instrumentation.

      Scope of Work:

      • All civil works (site grading, site drainage, access roads, pier excavation/backfill)
      • Structural works (structure concrete, tower installation, site fencing, rebar install)
      • Control building (foundation, building construction, mechanical/ electrical/HVAC, finishing)
      • Construction, Electrical and related works (indoor/outdoor equipment, protection and control facilities, steel structure install, switch installation, transformer installation, ground grid, raceway and cable install, fiber optic install, standby generator install).

      LOCATION / ON, Canada CLIENT / ABB STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2010 PROJECT VALUE / $8.3 Million







      Hydroelectric Project

      This project involved the construction of a new powerhouse near an existing USACE dam’s spillway basin, a 120” steel penstock bored from Dorena Lake through the north dam, siphon arrangement so the facility can operate under very low reservoir conditions, a concrete-lined channel to discharge flows into the river below the spillway basin, aeration systems to improve water quality, a valve house and a 15 kV transmission line and the installation of both a 1.2 MW horizontal Francis turbine/generator and a 4.3 MW vertical Kaplan turbine/generator.

      The existing dam is primarily a flood control facility and consequently had a very strict and seasonal operating regime. Critical commissioning and performance testing activities of the units were required to match certain rising and falling reservoir elevations providing very narrow windows for these activities.

      Scope of Work:

      • Comprehensive construction management Services for Aquila Infrastructure
      • USACE and other stakeholder management
      • Change order management
      • Commissioning planning and stakeholder management services
      • Operational safety and hazardous energy control planning
      • Additional work claim support/resolution service

      LOCATION / OR, USA CLIENT / Aquila Group STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2014 PROJECT VALUE / $23 Million


      The work scope includes placement of 1,000,000 cubic metres of embankment, installation of 20,000 square metres of foundation cut-off wall, and construction of access and site infrastructure.

      Safety Note: 450,000 man hours were completed without a lost time incident.

      Scope of Work:

      • Project management, construction management and Owner’s representative services.
      • Placement of 1,000,000 m3 of embankment.
      • Installation of 20,000 m2 of foundation cut-off wall.
      • Construction of access and site infrastructure.
      • Project construction involved an accelerated schedule constrained by severe winter work conditions.

      LOCATION / ON, Canada CLIENT / Brascan Power Corporation STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2007 PROJECT VALUE/ $80 Million CAD



      The City of Auburn contracted with Chant, through an ESCO with Siemens, to develop hydroelectric power on the Owasco River. This portion of the agreement involved updating the dormant Mill Street Generating Station with state of the art hydroelectric generation technology.

      Scope of Work:

      • Cleaning, rebuilding, replacing, rehabilitating, refurbishing and otherwise redeveloping all systems from canal intake to tailrace embankment as required to bring the existing Mill Street Generating Station into operation

      LOCATION / NY, USA CLIENT / Siemens Industry Inc. STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2014 PROJECT VALUE / US $1.8 Million





      Chant supplied materials, equipment, and general contracting services, which included site preparation, surveying, clearing/grubbing, topsoil stripping, grading, geotextile, gravel, culverts, fencing, sewage holding tanks, installation of unloading building, electrical installation, electrical ground grid, grounding wells, equipment grounding pigtails, connection of piles to grounding grids, underground electrical conduits to entrance/exit gates, underground electrical service for construction power, temporary construction power, underground electrical trench for 4160V power generation, installation of diesel storage tanks (tank farm), and the installation of the utilidor/piping.

      LOCATION / AB, Canada CLIENT / ATCO Power STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2008 PROJECT VALUE / $5.3 Million




      Crest Modification and Inflatable Flashboard

      The crest modification project involved construction management services including managing the constructors of three separate cofferdams, the installation of reinforced concrete on the existing deck, and the installation of a 900’ Obermeyer Inflatable Flashboard on the new deck, along with the construction of a 16’ x 24’ compressor building.

      Scope of Work:

      • Monitoring of the general contractor, contract drillers and contract divers safety and environ-mental performance during construction.
      • Quality control, production tracking, development of the site safety and environmental control plan and project hazard analysis.
      • Conducting weekly site safety inspections, project orientations, and preparation and sub-mission of the daily and weekly progress reports to the Owner.

      LOCATION / MA, USA CLIENT / ENEL North America STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2008 PROJECT VALUE / Under $1Million CAD 


      This project is a 19.5 km long rapid transit connection between Richmond, the Vancouver Airport and downtown Vancouver. The Canada Line is made up of four design components: a bored tunnel section, a cut and cover section, an at grade section and an elevated section.

      The cut and cover portion was 6.2 km long with a combination of side-by-side and stacked guideway built out of 95,000m3 cast-in-place concrete in a deep shored trench. The project included the use of form travelers and unique access platforms to facilitate construction of the guideway.

      LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / SNC Lavalin Inc.  STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2006 PROJECT VALUE / $250 Million


      Substation and Collector System


      The project involved project management, construction management and financial reporting services for a new 34.5/138 kV substation as well as 30 km of 34.5 kV distribution lines.

      Scope of Work:

      • Overall project management, including liaison and coordination with the owner’s home office in Houston, Texas
      • Construction management of substation, pole installation, framing and conductor installation crews
      • Coordination of substation commissioning and turnover activities

      LOCATION / NB, Canada CLIENT / GDF Suez North America STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2009 PROJECT VALUE / $8.7 Million


      Valve Installation


      Station MLV114 is located north of North Bay Ontario and is part of the TransCanada mainline. The project involved the installation of two isolation valves as well as two control valves adjacent to the existing station. TransCanada was the supplier of the valves as well as the large diameter pipe.

      Scope of Work:

      • Providing a Project Manager, Construction Manager, Electrical Inspector and Project Control Technician
      • Management of Mechanical Inspections
      • Providing mentoring and training to an EIT supplied by TransCanada
      • Ensuring the Contractor met delivery schedule
      • Verification of Cost Tracking

      LOCATION / ON, Canada CLIENT / TransCanada STATUS / Complete YEAR / 2012 PROJECT VALUE / $3.6 Million


      City Transmission System Project


      The Project involved the full design, construction, training, commissioning and start-up of a 223 km transmission line.

      The work included:

      • 223 km of wooden pole transmission line
      • 36 km of wooden pole distribution line
      • Complete construction of one new 200 KVA transformer station
      • Modifications to two generating stations
      • Modifications to two transformer stations
      • Construction in environmentally sensitive areas through control access points
      • Work in permafrost conditions
      • Line and station restoration
      • 20% First Nation/local business content

      LOCATION / YT, Canada CLIENT / Yukon Energy Corporation STATUS / Completed YEAR / 2003 PROJECT VALUE / $22 Million


      Generator Repair and Refurbishing

      Shrum Station is located in Hudson’s Hope British Colombia and generates nearly a quarter of BC Hydro’s electricity output. The station is part of the W.A.C Bennett Dam which finished construction in 1968 and as such the aging equipment has required refurbishing in order to keep up with energy demand.

      Scope of Work:

      • Remove existing stator for Unit 2 and rebuild a new stator
      • Overhaul repair of turbine Unit 3 including mechanical parts
      • Replacement of 48 existing rotor poles for Unit 7
      • Replacement of 48 existing rotor poles for Unit 8
      • Quality Assurance including witness in site measurement and testing programs
      • Owner Representative
      • Distribution and generation of daily reports
      • Ensure work safety on the site

      LOCATION / BC, Canada CLIENT / BC Hydro STATUS / Complete YEAR / 2012 PROJECT VALUE / $12 Million