Chant specialises in providing Project Management, Construction Management and Project Development services.
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Ted Chant sits as a member of an Independent Board of Consultant (6 person board) overseeing, on behalf of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the development and planning of the Klamath River Renewal Project. 

The article describes a recent FERC order with respect to the proposed decommissioning of four (4) hydroelectric dams along the Klamath River on the Oregon/California border


The trust that dominates our business approach has allowed us to develop unique and rewarding relationships with our partners. Our ability to plan projects and overcome any obstacles in our path is just one underlying factor in our success.


Chant’s Project Development Services include the full range of skills required to identify, evaluate, plan, design, permit, construct, commission, and operate renewable energy projects and sites.


We provide Operations and Maintenance Services or Post-construction Services where the service required by our customers is in-line with our considerable pool of expertise. 

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At Chant we have shown that there is a place in the engineering, project management, construction services and construction contracting industry for a company that does things differently. Our focus is on developing (and maintaining) our good reputation for thoroughly understanding the needs of our internal and external customers, then delivering exceptional value and excellence in every aspect of the engineering, construction management and/or other project delivery services we provide. This dedication to performance, together with our commitment to quality, safety, best value and the use of proven technology, represent the core values of our corporate being.

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